Building a Platform

10x10 meters artist platform members: Eva Labotkin, Epp Kubu and Lilli-Krõõt Repnau will be curating the online performing arts MAGAZINE during the next two seasons 2020-2022.
10.10.2020. from 10 AM til 10 PM there was a handing-over ritual “Collective Art”, in the course of what a platform was built together with artist Eva Mustonen. This ritual was a symbolic kick-off for 10x10 meters. Visibility and collective art, its value being in the heart of their curating Magasin.
Performing arts online magazine

In video featuring: Eva Mustonen, Epp Kubu, Eva Labotkin, Lilli-Krõõt Repnau, Imbi Paju, Solveig Hele Kuusemaa, Tanel Rander, Annika Üprus, Raul Eks, Eliina Uibu, Karolin Poska, Theodore Parker, Laura Kõiv, Maria Aua, Mai Arslan, Karin Strohm, etc.

Camera/Editing: Epp Kubu

10x10 meters. Arts platform

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