Light installation by 10x10 meters:

Epp Kubu, Eva Labotkin, Laura Kõiv, Rasmus Puksmann

NU Performance Festival opening

October 20, 2018

Sveta Bar  •  Tallinn, Estonia


Our signature is a cut in the flow of a situation, a power cut, an interruption, an error. We create a gap in an event or in a structure to make the audience reevaluate their role in this moment. They are the main character in our piece. We are not performing but letting the interruption happen.

Object 8:13 interrupts an evening party by importing artificial sunrise in to the situation for 12 minutes.

It is a site specific light and sound installation where the soundscape is recorded early morning in Tallinn, with national anthem played at sunrise from the tower of Pikk Hermann.

The installation creates a narrative of a sunrise in the minds of spectators, bringing euphoria in the middle of the night. 

The installation can be observed both in and outside the room, people can move and see how the sunrise is created by electricians behind the windows with the help of cinematic lights.

Thanks: Ott Tiigirand, Alvar Kõue, Villem Jahu, Mairika Plakso, HighVoltage Tallinn, Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Photo and video credits: Maria Aua, Epp Kubu, Ramin Pourmand

10x10 meters. Arts platform

Built with Berta.me